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mastheadHere’s a preview of just some of the good writing you’ll find
in the present issue:


• From “Love at First Site,” our cover story on the home of Schuyler and Nate Harrington by writer Allie Racette and photographer Laura Carbone:

Since moving into their shared home, Schuyler and Nate have planted numerous trees, including crabapple, wisteria, boxwoods, maple, cedar, pine and hydrangea. One hydrangea tree came with the home and has grown to be 10 by 10 feet, which one landscape artist assured them was an unusually large size for such a tree. The front garden features a large sediment rock that was unearthed when the foundation was dug for the original house. The Guays appreciated the historical significance of the rock, which is thousands of years old, and decided to build their garden around it rather than remove it.


• From “Open After Hours,” a profile by writer-photographer Kathleen Recchia of a Lake Placid establishment where night owls feel right at home:

The Pickled Pig’s menu may be tweaked a bit this summer, but the restaurant will continue to serve what Stuart calls “in-your-face fun food.” The menu may not promote the most heart-healthy choices: take, for example, the “Cardio”…pulled pork and Oscar’s Smokehouse hickory smoked bacon, covered in creamy horseradish cheddar cheese sauce and topped with habanero sour cream, chives and the Pig’s own BBQ drizzle; or “The Be Still My Heart”….

• From a survey of “Proper Pruning Tools” by Dr. Leonard Perry:

The first tool every gardener should have is a good pair of hand pruners. Because there are many types, you may end up with more than one. You’ll often get what you pay for: if you buy very inexpensive pruners, they may last only a year or two….Good-quality pruners will last many years, perhaps even a lifetime.

hat is made from moschofilero is not a rosé but rather, a white.

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