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mastheadI hope this current issue spurs some nice memories and other positive responses for our readers. In “A Good Mix,” writer Richard Frost and photographer John Mitchell team up to tell the story of a charming 1833 farmhouse, whose owners — Glenn and Donna Fessette — over the 40 years that they have lived in it, have combined interest in history and architectural preservation with a knack for finding and positioning the right antique, conversation piece and other collectibles. Robert Pelletier continues his penchant for writing comprehensive, in-depth pieces on architectural/other house-related “styles” prominent in the larger North Country region, including southeastern Quebec. In “That Amazing Mr. Eastlake,” he charts the rise and then decline and fall of a style of, for the most part, furnishings that was driven by one man’s unyielding war against poor taste and mediocrity. And speaking of “decline and rise,” Wine Traveler Chris Fasolino treats us to the story of a variety of grape that was thought to be brought to the West by Romans during one of their military campaigns in the eastern region of Europe.


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