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mastheadIt’s a like a tale from mythology — a story you might have heard spun by Joseph Campbell on PBS. A husband and wife are on a journey homeward, their dog in tow, when they encounter an inconspicuous sign at the end of a road: “Lakefront cabin for sale by owner.” The couple always wished for a place near water so, on a whim, they follow the sign to a cabin by a beautiful bay, where, waving at them to stop, stands an old man (there is almost always an old man in these stories). The man and woman do stop, of course, and the old man takes the husband — and the dog — out on the water in a small boat. In a conventional myth, the old man would weave a spell on the husband; but, in this modern retelling, there is no need to: the water and the views do the trick. After one spin around the bay, the deal is sealed. As in myths, there are some obstacles to our heroes’ quest. The cabin is a modest camp that needs work and is not suited for year-round living. But after years of effort, the couple transforms their camp into a comfortable home. It’s a story with a happy ending, as told this month in “Camp Heaven on Earth” by writer Laura Perras and photographer John Mitchell.


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