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mastheadNorthern Home, Garden & Leisure has profiled many a house beautiful over the years, but one type of story that really excites us is when a beautiful house is also a wonderful home. Such is the case with the object of this month’s main house feature, “Dosers’ Hidden Paradise,” written by Laura Perras and photographed by John Mitchell.


Theda and Max Doser have been in their home for more than 20 years, and it reflects their wide range of interests and activities as well as their tastes in architecture, interior decorating and landscape design. Brilliant bursts of color play a prominent role in making the Dosers’ house into a home, from the kitchen to a living room featuring 13-foot ceilings, picture windows, red carpeting and colorful wallpaper that was a later addition to the homestead. A multitude of birdhouses and terrariums betray the couple’s love of nature, and the property overall is inventively adorned by the trappings of such joint and individual pursuits as gardening, recycling, baking and photography — and the tender, loving care of two family dogs. It’s no wonder, then, that this nurturing and nourishing place is regularly home away from home for Max and Theda’s large extended family, as well as a delight to visit for friends and the casual observer.


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