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mastheadHere’s a preview of just some of the good writing you’ll find in the present issue:

• From “Letting in the Light,” our cover story on the former Valcour Lodge and current home of Ita Bullard, by writer Tim Rowland and photographer John Mitchell — in which Northern HGL catches up with the ebullient artist since the magazine featured her exquisite home in 2010:


Easels throughout the gallery hold Ms. Bullard’s more serious works — studies influenced by such masters as Picasso, Van Gogh and Rembrandt, as well as brilliantly colored works on glass, one of which cleverly depicts a scene in summer on the front and winter on the back. It began when a piece of glass broke and, rather than casting it aside, it became one of the many media for her art.


• From Kathleen Recchia’s profile of one of Plattsburgh’s favorite dining-out spots, “Lobster Caravan”:


On another visit to Mainely Lobster, I treated myself to the title food. It has been years since I have ordered a whole lobster out — I’d wager the last time was on a visit to Maine. But how could I write about Mainly Lobster without trying the lobstah? It always feels a little silly sheepishly putting on the lobster bib and cracking those claws, but it was worth whatever awkwardness that entailed. The lobster was one of the meatiest and tastiest I’ve ever had.


• From a paean to the positive outcomes resulting from growing

“Vertical Veggies” by Dr. Leonard Perry:


Upright vegetables also add architectural interest. The garden ceases to be just ordinary and utilitarian and instead becomes a source of aesthetic pleasure as well as functional value.

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